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4.5/5 (2)
Dietinger Straße 23 Dietingen, Germany

Begadi is a small-scale family-business situated in Boehringen, Baden-Wuertemberg. We started as a dedicated professional distributer for airsoft products, and became well-known for our broad selection, speed-of-delivery and service. The company is run, as a family-business, by Mr. Benjamin Digeser und Mr. Gabriel Digeser. In 2007 we also pioneered Combat-Gear BE-X, our own unique project for high-quality combat gear, clothing and survival equipment. We work closely with our partners and suppliers all over Europe.

Service and satisfied customers where always our main goals, so its no wonder that speed, customer-comes-first priority, and close work with the community formes the pillars of our concept!
This concept is well reknown and earned us a excellent reputation with our customers, who voted us "Best supplier in the German-Speaking-Community" at the 2009/2010 Competition for "Best Supplier 2009 / 2010" by Germanys Airsoft-Magazine, which we are enormously proud of and thank our customers for their trust!
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